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‘ Relapse ‘

He looks up at the doctor waiting to hear the prognosis.
Blank stares are exchanged, he Could not diagnose this.
The patient feels symptoms that the doctor does’nt notice.
His brain must be foolin him like he’s under hypnosis.

He went home that night started tossing and turning.
waking up with cold flashes, sweating like he was burning.
Continuous nightmares are constantly returning
Relapse stages kicking in and soon begins the yearning.

No Pull of weed, gave him the fix that he would need.
No over the counter prescription started this addiction.
No needle into the vein gave him relief for this pain
and no AA lessons helped settle these obsessions

Dreams of tender kisses soon begin to haunt him.
Her voice whispers empty promises that begins taunt him. envisioning her inner esscence and how she always flaunts them.
Constantly wondering why she seems to never want him.

At one point they went hand in hand like sanitizer.
She was his drug of choice he wanted to mesmerize her
Thinking of ways of how he only wants to tantalize her.
His eyes moved in fiendish ways as he analyzed her

The best product on the market,, and to him she supplied it
His heart was the currency he exchanged to buy it.
After a couple hits, he was wide eyed and open nosed.
Lifted into realm where only the highest stoner goes.

He was strung out on her beauty and soon became blinded
Not knowing that this obsession was completely one sided.
The drug soon became scarce and there was nowhere he could find it.
He tried other dealers but his body just declined it.

His heart was comatosed from this drastic overdose.
The thing that he loved the most took his feelings for a joke.

It took awhile for him to cleanse his body of her nonsense.
Wearing his heart on his sleeve has a dyer consequence.
In his defense he built up a fence to shield his heart from this experience.

Once u get a taste of that drug the feeling is astronomical..
Relapsing is digested by the senses as phenomenal.
Detoxification to the body feels illogical.
Its embedded in us to love this feeling like its Biological.

If he ever comes across a drug like love, he’ll take it in small amounts
He learned appreciating the feeling is what really counts.
He will always get high offa it with a head full of doubts.
But now he is wiser and knows all the best routes.

We will All go through this experience till our bodies collapse
The question is how will you survive ur relapse?