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Glancing through a few photographs, and iHad to stop and stare.
The love that was depicted in these pictures jus does not seem to be there.
You would think that after all these years a group like this was inseparable.
Or that if we ever fell apart it would simply be unacceptable.
But times change and so do people and this is the way of the world.
But iCalled ur bluff,, the truth is that we fell out due to a girl.
From infancy to toddler hood, to young adolescence.
Our friendship was so genuwine u could see its pure essence.
iWas always down to ride for you, when u was hurt iCried wit you. & when it was time to go to war, iWas suited up ready to die for you.
When you met her all that changed on ur end, iStood alone in my fatigues.
Taking bullets in the trenches, iBegan to feel decieved.
You blowing me off for her began to happen in repetition.
Never thought that being your friend would have to be a competition.
But I’ve never been a salty dude so iLet it rock.
She had ur freedom chained up & held the key for the lock.
iNever thought after 19 years a friendship could be put on pause.
Not without a solidfied reason or justifiable cause.
From brothers to associates, iHave to let out a laugh.
These are ‘Thousand Words its Worth’ when iLook through photographs.